SPWI UI stands for Seminar Pengembangan Wawasan Industri Universitas Indonesia. First delivered in 1999, it has evolved into a national seminar since 2009 and has been organized by Ikatan Mahasiswa Teknik Industri (IMTI) UI. This event aims to enhance the knowledge of participants from many diciplines about recent industrial issues, which is different every year. The knowledge gained will be beneficial to prepare and contribute as future professionals in the industrial world. SPWI UI 2018 will come back in 2018 with new events and topics! This year SPWI will be higlighting one of the most discussed issue in the current industrial world which revolutionizes many aspects of the current industry: Industry 4.0: Welcoming The Revolution of Business Activities in Indonesia’s Industries.

Industry 4.0 era is approaching and has even taken over some industries in Indonesia although most of our industries are still on the way there. With other companies and firms abroad starting to utilize the technology, our Minister of Industry has stated we also have to start welcoming the era to compete. Roadmaps, policies, and strategies has been made for Indonesia industries to start utilizing industry 4.0 technology. Therefore, in a matter of years we will see ourselves working very closely with the technology in many departments in the company. We will see how Internet of Things (IoT) enables us to control production from afar and further optimize logistic processes. We will see how business decisions and our products are made and created strategically with Big Data Analytics. We will see how customer will demand more personalized products due to 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing, and many more. It is clear that Industry 4.0 era will impact many aspects in industries and everyone in the industrial world should be knowledgeable about these changes.