Seminar Pengembangan Wawasan Industri
6 - 14 April 2019
Digital Disruption
The Dawn of Digitalization

The 20th Seminar Pengembangan Wawasan Industri UI (SPWI UI) is the annual event series held by students of Industrial Negineering Department, Universitas Indonesia.
It is known as a series of events which has a purpose of discussing and enhancing knowledge about actual industrial issues with all eminent stakeholders including academics, policy-makers, ad professionals in object to improve and implements the knowledge of all the participants.

Proudly, SPWI UI is coming back this year for the 20th time.
To inspire and improve students and citizen's knowledge about actual industrial issues in Indonesia
To gather ideas and innovations from all key stakeholders including academics, governments, and professionals in their own expertise
To increase awareness of university students about industrial problems in Indonesia and encourage them to implement the knowledge for the better future in industry 4.0 era
As a place to improve student's competence in the field of industrial engineering studies
This year, The 20th SPWI UI present
“Digital Disruption: The Dawn of Digitalization”
as the main theme

An event designed to connect people with similar interests and will-to-learn to leverage fusing of technology advancement in everyday business.

It is designed to be an event that widens business owner's eyes about the digital world that contains opportunities too tantalizing to pass.

Saturday, April 6th, 2019

It contains two session with substantial topics:

Session 1:
“The Coming Wave of Digital Disruption”

Potential Speaker:
Rhenald Kasali, Professor of FEB UI
Nadiem Makarim, CEO of GO-JEK
Session 2:
“To Be The First in Conquering The Digital Disruption Race”
“Responding to Digital Disruption”

Potential Speaker:
Rudiantara, Ministry of Communication and Information

An event dedicated to educate entrants and implement ideas of previous seminars to make sure every detail snaps into the minds of participants by actually doing them.

It is designed to help entrants understand the basic skulls needed to run a company with a digital basis. With R software for data analysis and graphics that works as programming language that interprets it.

“Introducing Data Analytics and Visualization to Maximize the Comprehension of Implementing Digital-Based Business”

It will be held for two days with a couple of sessions below:

April 7th, 2019
Session 1: Introduction to Data Analysis
Facilitator: Aziz Sutrisno M. Sc. (Expertise)

Session 2: Data Visualization
Facilitator: Komarudin, S.T., M. Eng
April 13th, 2019
Session 2:
“To Be The First in Conquering The Digital Disruption Race”
“Responding to Digital Disruption”

Potential Speaker:
Rudiantara, Ministry of Communication and Information
A fun and intriguing way to emulate ideas and knowledge with same tenacity and a bit of adrenaline rush with prizes on the line.
It helps entrants find the easiest way to apply fresh ideas step-by-step.
It will be held for two days with a couple of sessions below:


The main objective of Business Case Competition is to enhance ways of thinking related to the main theme. It is a competition held to stimulate and sharpen problem solving skills. This case will be given by one of the biggest disruptive company to be solved by participatns and judged by the experts and practitioners.

There will be 3 winners from this business case competition and their ideas will be owned by the related company as signed in MoU
Each winner will be granted:
1st Winner: IDR 2.250.000
2nd Winner: IDR 2.000.000
3rd Winner: IDR 1.750.000

A platform for cerative minds to unleash their potential by creating a design that fits the spirit of SPWI and its surrounding themes.

By complying, entrants will be able to apple newly-gained perspective about digitalization.

There will be two winners for this competition.
Each winner will be granted:
Best Poster: IDR 750.000
Most Favorite Poster: IDR 500.000
Ministry of Communication
and Information
rhenald kasali
Rhenald Kasali
Professor of FEB
nadiem makarim
Nadiem Makarim
crystal widjaja
Crystal Widjaja
GO-JEK SVP Business Intelligence
ambara horasi
Ambara Horasi
Country Managing Partner at PT. eCEOs Indonesia
ahmad firdausi
Ahmad Firdausi
Head of IT Big Data and Analytics at Telkomsel

*all speakers will be confirmed later